OzChild Christmas Appeal 2019

When Sam* arrived, he had nothing but a dummy and his pyjamas. OzChild’s support made things a little easier for his foster carers.

Dear OzChild supporters,

Every day I am inspired by people like you, who care as much as I do about children and young people. Without your help we could not provide much needed support through our foster care service for at-risk kids.

Sadly, the number of children needing a safe and nurturing home continues to rise, which means demand on our foster care service is now greater than ever before.

For foster carers David* and Kelly*, the decision to become carers was an easy one.

“Deciding to take the step and become foster carers was the best decision we ever made. The need for carers is something neither of us could ignore, how could you turn a blind eye to a child needing a safe place, a home?” David told me.

Your generous support in the past is greatly appreciated and has helped support carers like David and Kelly, ensuring a safe place is available when Child Protection calls. I am asking for that support once again, please will you make a donation to help us reach our $30,000 target?

The rising number of kids receiving Child Protection services continues to trouble me. In Australia there are now close to 50,000 children and young people in out-of-home care. I’m sure you would agree, we must be able to support those in times of need.

Children like Sam* come into our care when families are facing vulnerable times. The reasons are often complex and varied, but the challenge of recruiting foster carers remains.

“In the last three months alone OzChild has received close to 380 requests for a safe home to place a child. 150 of those have been successfully placed with OzChild foster carers, the need for more carers has never been more important,” explains Sharon McRae, OzChild’s Senior Manager Carer Recruitment and Retention.

But, recruiting carers is not only time consuming, there is a significant cost involved. And when a child is placed with a new foster carer often, they arrive with nothing.

By making a tax-deductible donation today you can make a real difference to the life of a child in need.

You can play a vital part in caring for at-risk children and young people. Please will you donate today so we can continue to support our current carers and grow our pool of trained carers, so we never have to turn children like Sam away?

There is no doubt our foster care programs are changing lives, but we can’t do it without the support of people like you.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well I am so grateful for the village of supporters we have who make it possible for us to provide a safe and loving home for a child just like Sam.

We desperately need your support to ensure children and young people are not turned away, your donation will help real kids and support us as we grow our pool of carers. We must raise $30,000 by January 2020 to be able to do more.

As well as raising their own children, David and Kelly have provided emergency, short-term and long-term placements to dozens of children and young people, but the night Sam arrived almost broke their hearts.

“We began our journey as emergency and respite carers because we have two children of our own. That quickly changed into full-time foster carers as the need became clear,” said David.

“Sam was just a toddler when we started caring for him. He turned up on our doorstep with a dummy and his pyjamas, that was it. David and I looked at each other and knew we would care for him for as long as we needed to. Having OzChild’s support made it a little easier,” remembers Kelly.

Sam’s story is not unfamiliar. Sadly, the demand on our support is not decreasing. We must raise $30,000 to help meet the demand.

Playing Trains
Playing blocks

By making a tax-deductible donation you can make a real difference to the lives of children like Sam.

Your donation today can help us provide essential items like nappies in times of crisis or help ease the costs associated with education for a child or young person in care. Your donation could contribute to the cost of information sessions to support the recruitment of carers or the training of a new specialist foster carer.

By supporting us this tax-time you can make a real difference to a child or young person by ensuring a safe and loving home can be found and support to carers can be extended. And your donation is tax-deductible.

Sam is thriving with his foster family; it saddens me to think where he might be if David and Kelly had not been available to care for him.

Please help us by donating online by 31 December 2019.


Together, we can make a difference. We cannot continue to support at-risk children and young people without your generosity and belief in what we do, so thank you.

Together in making a difference,

Dr Lisa J. Griffiths | Chief Executive Officer, OzChild

P.S. Want to make an even greater difference? Perhaps you could consider becoming a regular donor? Through monthly donations you can help us plan for the future knowing we have your ongoing support.

P.P.S. Please, can you help us by passing this on to someone else who cares about children and young people as much as we do? Maybe your friends or family would like to make a difference too. Or perhaps you know someone who might be interested in becoming a foster carer?

To find out more about becoming a foster carer, please call our team on 1800 954 550 or learn more here.

 *names have been changed

Thanks to the models who appear in the imagery to protect the identity of our clients.