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Dhiiyaan Mirri | Bridging Cultures 

Our Bridging Cultures Unit, Dhiiyaan Mirri ensures we are committed to understanding and sharing the issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities and that the children who come into our care receive care that is both safe and culturally responsive.


Established in early 2019, Dhiiyann Mirri which in Kamilaroi means Family of Stars aims to ensure the organisation is actively meeting its responsibilities in honouring our First Nations Peoples as we work towards reconciliation and self-determination through knowledge, practice and by growing our partnerships with Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations in each State and Territory.

Aims and commitment

Dhiiyaan Mirri’s aim is to work with all OzChild teams to endeavour to keep First Nations children and young people connected to their families, communities, cultures and country.

Through a dedicated team, Dhiiyaan Mirri will work across OzChild services, build partnerships and encourage participation, source and provide information and data relating to Indigenous children and young people and seek to continuously improve the quality of programs and services through research and evaluation.

Bridging Cultures Unit

Dea Delaney-Thiele | National Executive Director
Chad Lofthouse | National Aboriginal Cultural Advisor
Kylie Bell | Aboriginal Cultural Advisor
Joanne Delaney | Aboriginal Cultural Advisor