OzChild Education Kits

OzChild Education Kits


The OzChild Expression Pack is a fun way of increasing emotional literacy and language in children aged between 8 – 18 who may have experienced childhood trauma, which can help them identify their feelings, develop healthy emotional literacy and develop optimistic thinking skills. They are a great resource for psychologists, social workers, counsellors and teachers; however they can also be used at home with family or in the workplace.

The cards can be integrated into current resilience programs being run in schools or can simply be used for the activities set out in the comprehensive instruction booklet, or you can get creative and come up with your own games.

Each self-contained pack contains:

  • Beautiful large format, high quality, gloss finish cards.
  • Detailed instruction booklet.
  • Various games you can play with children, using the cards.

Expressions Professional Pack – $50.00 (+postage)
Includes 300 unique cards divided into 150 expressions, 150 descriptive words

Expressions Family Pack – $20.00 (+ postage)
Includes 150 unique cards divided into 75 expressions and 75 descriptive words

Expressions Stickers – $8

To order an Expressions pack, contact Education Services on (03) 8796 0000 or email educationservices@ozchild.org.au

Peer Activity Leaders

The Peer Activity Leaders (PAL) program works to promote physical activity, enhance social connectedness, provide leadership opportunities and reduce the incidence of bullying.

School staff who have undertaken PAL training may adopt a range of roles including training senior students to be student leaders. The student leaders are then ready to run activities for junior students at lunchtime, during classes or after school.

The peer model is utilised to provide valuable skills to senior students and support the concept and positive aspects of peer role modelling. A key aspect of the program is increasing participation among those who may be isolated at school or not normally involved in physical activity. This is achieved through the targeting of specific participants, developing the skills of young leaders and utilisation of any of the 66 fun games and activities chosen.

The five hour PAL training session equips teachers or other school staff with the skills to train student leaders to implement the program into schools or other selected settings.

Training is recommended to gain the most impact and for optimal integration and understanding of the program, however the PAL kit is set up for maximum support for those unable to attend formal training.

Training: $2,000 (includes two PAL Kits)

PAL Kit: $120

For more information about PAL or to order a PAL Kit, contact Education Services on (03) 8796 0000 or email educationservices@ozchild.org.au

Language for Learning Checklist

Our popular Language for Learning Checklists are available to download for free. These checklists have been designed by a group of speech pathologists to enable teachers to identify students who have language learning difficulties. Please contact our school services program if you require a speech pathologist for your school.

Download one of our Learning Checklists here:


Education Services Team on (03) 8796 0000 or educationservices@ozchild.org.au