OzChild Shine Assist - Student counselling support

Shine Assist – counselling support for students and their families

Shine Assist connects families and schools with medical practitioners to address the psychological and emotional well-being of primary and secondary students across Victoria.

If a student is experiencing difficulties such as bullying, depression, attention deficit disorder or bereavement, and meets the eligibility requirements of Medicare’s Better Access Initiative, they may be helped by a Shine Assist psychological counsellor.

Shine Assist is accessed by a referral from a general practitioner, paediatrician or psychiatrist and students may be eligible for up to ten individual sessions and ten group sessions per calendar year.

There is no gap fee charged for Shine Assist counselling, so there is no cost to the student, their families or the school.

How Shine Assist works

Identify students who would benefit from counselling and discuss getting a GP referral for with their parents/carers.

Write a letter/email to the student’s GP outlining the parent and school’s concern.

Arrange with the parent/carer to make an appointment with the child’s GP and ask the parent to provide you with:

1) a Health Treatment Plan from the GP

2) Referral Letter from the GP

3) Completed OzChild Referral Form

Once your school has completed the paperwork for four or more students, OzChild can provide your school with a psychologist or a mental health social worker.


Shine Assist SA01 – Information for Medical Practitioners

Shine Assist SA02 – Parent Permission Form

Shine Assist SA03 – Privacy Statement

Shine Assist – School Checklist

Shine Assist – Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire

Shine Assist – Printable Flyer

For further information about the Shine Assist program contact the Education Services Team on (03) 8796 0000 or email educationservices@ozchild.org.au